Interview with Dr. Cormac Callanan about The US National Cybersecurity Strategy

Dr. Cormac Callanan and John Salomon discuss the US National Cybersecurity Strategy, released by the White House on March 1 2023.

In this extensive conversation, they dive into the five pillars of the strategy. What is the US government doing to drive greater cybersecurity maturity? How will the strategy not only impact the United States’ ability to better secure its government, industry, and society, but also what kinds of ripple effects will it have internationally?

John and Dr. Cormac compare EU rules, structures, and philosophical attitudes to cyberdefence to what the US is doing, and how these can complement each other. Dr. Cormac gives his views on how the US national strategy will impact greater adoption of privacy and cybersecurity rules in the US, Europe, and further afield. They also discuss international cooperation on fighting cybercrime, what is happening with state actors, and their predictions of future developments in cybersecurity regulation and collective defence.

Dr. Cormac Callanan is a CyAN member, and CEO of Aconite. He is also coordinator for cybersecurity of the European Union’s ESIWA initiative (Enhancing Security Cooperation In and With Asia).

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A list of relevant initiatives, links, and concepts mentioned in the conversation:

National Cybersecurity Strategy fact sheet (with link to the full document)

National Cybercrime and Forensics Training Alliance (NCFTA)

Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC)

US National Council of ISACs


Europol European Cybercrime Centre (EC3)

ENISA CyCLONe for crisis liaison

The 2021 Ireland Health Service Executive attack

Some relevant EU laws/directives include:

The Digital Operational Resilience Act

The NIS2 Directive

The Cybersecurity Act