About us

The Cybersecurity Advisors Network (CyAN) is an international cybersecurity professionals’ network, which offers quality networking, engaging events, relevant professional development, local and international peer interaction and business opportunities. And a great spirit of fellowship.

Our network aims to strengthen cybersecurity and fight against cybercrime through a multi-disciplinary approach, based on mutual trust among its members and on the complementarity of their profiles and experiences.

Five key features of the Cybersecurity Advisors Network 

Network: connect and build a relationship with our international range of experts in different disciplines. Stay tuned about what happens in other world regions, and share knowledge, experiences and good practices. Meet fellow members in real life in professional or casual events. 

Talent pool: Project engagements, particularly large and complex ones, need a range of skillsets. Our talent pool will help you find the right team or expert to partner with and gives you a platform from which to offer your services. Initiate projects or working groups on issues of importance to you.

Speaking opportunities: contribute and add value to our members. Share your perspective on current issues in our partner events, podcasts or videos.

Access to international institutions: become CyAN ambassadors or advisors in prestigious international institutions: GFCE, FIC, CyberSec…

Get support for your own initiatives: we routinely support initiatives conferences, events and initiatives run by our members, upon review and approval by the Board. 

The Board of the Cybersecurity Advisors Network (CyAN)

Cybersecurity Advisors Network (CyAN) is a not-for-profit association based in Paris (contact information here), managed by a Board which is elected by the General Assembly. Since 2021, the members of the Board are currently: