About CyAN

Who We Are

Established in Paris in 2015, the Cybersecurity Advisors Network (CyAN) is a not-for-profit international network of experts.

CyAN is managed by a governing board, supported by a Secretary General.

Mission and Objectives

CyAN aims to strengthen and protect global digital society and the information economy. We work together in the fight against digital threats – including economic crime, abuse against persons, terrorism, and other online dangers to the safety and security of individuals, democracy, and trade.

The CyAN Member Community

Our members are professionals with deep experience in a wide range of disciplines related to information security, trust and safety, privacy, stability, and resilience.

Each prospective member is vetted by the board before joining.

What CyAN Does

The following are among CyAN’s core activities:

  • CyAN facilitates networking and mutual professional assistance by and for our members
    Members exchange CVs, introductions, job opportunities, and more in a robust forum for project and knowledge sharing. 
  • Strengthen external activities and groups that are compatible with our goals and values
    We support numerous educational, public-private, and other socially beneficial initiatives
  • Contribute to the quality and development of the global cybersecurity talent pool
    Through mentoring, briefing materials, and other information and educational resources
  • Provide a launchpad and support structure for member-driven initiatives aligned with our mission and objectives
    CyAN members have built and contributed to numerous not-for-profit cybersecurity-related organisations and events.  CyAN is an optimal tool to mobilize publicity and resources

In a siloed industry, CyAN connects cybersecurity experts of varying disciplines with one another. On top of providing a global community, this allows members to share knowledge and expertise like never before as they come together to tackle everything ranging from technical issues to policy.

Events: As a trusted and respected network of cybersecurity experts, CyAN cooperates with numerous events. This means we have tickets and speaking opportunities waiting for you at conferences like the GFCECybersecMaTeCC, and more.

These events enable CyAN members to meet up, network and even identify business opportunities. The importance of the discussions had at these events cannot be understated. By attending, you can affect downstream on countries and organisations, all the while making lasting connections.

CyAN members also organise casual get-togethers in different cities to share knowledge and unwind over a few drinks.

Expert Content: CyAN produces content that explores the various areas of expertise, projects, experience, knowledge, and challenges relevant to the field of cybersecurity and members. This is a great way to grow the knowledge base of the organisation and provide value for stakeholders of all kinds.