Interview with Dr. Cormac Callanan about The US National Cybersecurity Strategy

Dr. Cormac Callanan and John Salomon discuss the US National Cybersecurity Strategy, released by the White House on March 1 2023. In this extensive conversation, they dive into the five pillars of the strategy. What is the US government doing to drive greater cybersecurity maturity? How will the strategy not only impact the United States’ […]

Translation – Fujitsu Breach

The following is a translation by James Briscoe, CyAN Secretary General. The original Japanese announcement by Fujitsu details the results of an investigation by Fujitsu into unauthorised external communications on one of their services. This announcement has not yet made it into the English language. Please find the original Japanese announcement on Fujitsu’s site here. […]

Cybersecurity and Online Gambling

John Salomon talks to Jonathan Srugo, cybersecurity consultant, founder of Nebotain Smart Digital Defense, and former CISO of an Asian online gaming company. Internet gambling is a sector that, while not familiar to many cybersecurity professionals, nonetheless presents a major attack surface to numerous threat actors – including organized crime, fraudsters, extortionists, and governments. In […]

Analyzing Trust in Secure Messenger Apps

CyAN board member Dr. Greg Dzsinich and his team at EM Lyon Business School in France investigate the security of several popular instant messaging apps Any user of online messaging services should be concerned about not only the security of their information in transit, but the trustworthiness of the entire messaging platform – underlying cryptosystem […]

Interview with Dan Elliott about Risk Management, Resilience, Cybercrime, and More

“What I’ve found is that there’s a large swing from groups where the IT and IS divisions and information security groups are not speaking the same risk language as the traditional risk management and insurance groups…” CyAN Comms Chief John Salomon recently sat down for a discussion with one of our newest members, Dan Elliott. Over the course […]