Combatting Technology-Facilitated Abuse and Violence: A Call to Action

Imagine living in constant fear, knowing that every online interaction could be monitored, every move tracked and every personal detail exploited by an abusive partner. This is the harsh reality for millions of individuals worldwide who are victims of technology-facilitated abuse (TFA) and technology-facilitatedviolence (TFV). As technological advancements progress, the escalation of abuse has outpaced […]

In Defense of eSafety: Upholding Democratic Processes in the Digital Age

As cybersecurity professionals, we at the Cybersecurity Advisors Network (CyAN) are acutely aware of the critical role that technology plays in shaping our society. As our primary focus is on information security, data protection as well as Trust & Safety, we recognise the broader implications of technology-related issues that impact public safety, democracy, and the […]

How Mistral’s Partnership with Microsoft Secures its Future in the Competitive AI Landscape

AI is causing unprecedented changes that are both creating new opportunities and transforming individuals, businesses, and society. The current AI landscape is characterised by increased competition and dependence on a small number of dominant players. These players have the talent, resources, data, and a willing mindset to reach into their deep pockets to succeed. As […]

Securing Tomorrow: The Pivotal Role of Quantum Computing in Cybersecurity

This simple yet powerful statement highlights the immense potential of quantum computing to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape. While still in its early stages of development, quantum computers possess the game-changing ability to perform calculations that are impossible for even the most powerful classical computers. This ground breaking technology presents both exciting opportunities and daunting challenges […]

Beyond Employment: How AI Will Transform the Economy and Society for better or worse.

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” was a poignant observation by Arthur C. Clarke in 1973.  I find this quote befitting our reality where the pace of change brought about by technology is unparalleled. It implies that we often have unrealistic expectations about the immediate opportunities or challenges of new technologies while underestimating […]