CyAN Video/Podcast – Linux Malware and Security, With Craig Rowland

The latest episode of CyAN’s Secure-in-Mind video and podcast series features Craig Rowland, CEO and founder of New Zealand-based Sandfly Security.32

“The Internet runs on Linux” – over 90% of the top million websites run on Linux, and it’s a critical part of the global Internet, used for a huge range of applications – industrial & control systems (ICS), workstations, automotive computers, in-flight entertainment, core banking applications, printers, routers, and many more.

In this wide-ranging discussion we talk about challenges in securing Linux systems, as well as different types of Linux-specific threats and attacks. Linux-specific malware and threat actors are often far more sophisticated, targeted, and mutable than more commoditized Windows attacks, and understanding both the nature of such threats and the weaknesses they exploit are an important tool in helping to secure this often underappreciated and invisible but vital platform.

Full disclosure – John Salomon is a paid consultant to Sandfly Security. This is explicitly not intended to be a marketing video. Rather, Craig is a highly experienced and respected Linux malware engineer with a significant Twitter presence and a wide range of knowledge about attacks and countermeasures. Check out his Sandfly YouTube channel, which includes numerous videos on these topics.

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