CyAN part of the CSG Awards 2024, as Advisory Partner – 24 April 2024, Dubai

Cybersecurity Advisors Network (CyAN) is proud to be a part of the CSG Awards 2024, as Advisory Partner. Our strategic member in Middle East – Dubai, Bharat Raigangar, is part of the Jury committee to identify the Best Minds in The Cyber – AI domain.

CSG Awards is an initiative to recognise the cybersecurity leaders and CISOs who have worked hard to immune their organizations from cyberattacks. This initiative will also offer networking opportunity for the global CISOs who are from the region and from the other parts of the world.

This event is also the recognise select cybersecurity ecosystem partners and stake holders who enable the industry with best and unique solutions and initiatives.

CSG Awards is also an opportunity to learn from each other’s experience and showcases vendors and technologies which are unique and futuristic in nature.

This year (2024) CSG Awards is happening in Shangri-La, Dubai under the guidance of the technology and cybersecurity honchos in the region including Arun Tewary, Digital Acceleration Veteran, Strategy & Technology Adviser, Director & CIO, Dr. Mathew Nicho, Associate Researcher – Associate Professor, Research & Innovation Centers, Rabdan Academy (UAE Ministry of Interior), Bharat Raigangar, Board Advisor, 1CxO, vCISO Cyber Securist & Mentor – Digital Transformation Cyber Resilience – Cyber Insurance-Supply Chain Threat Mang and Illyas Kooliyankal, Founder and CEO, CyberShelter, the CISO Factory and GCSCP CyberSecurity Career Platform