Expert Discussion – Zero Trust: What is Real in the Myth?

Are you interested in learning what is real in the myth of Zero Trust? Then join us for an informative panel discussion moderated by James Briscoe, CyAN Secretary General, where a group of experts will delve into the topic and answer some key questions.

Our panelists include:

During this recorded webinar, the panel explores the requirements for designing and implementing true zero trust models, frameworks, and strategies. They will also discuss the premises and assumptions that a zero trust architecture should be based on, relevant use cases, and how to prove its security value, if at all.

Additionally, the panel covers some common pitfalls to be aware of and how to differentiate between vendorspeak and genuine security advantages when implementing a zero trust environment. They will also explore whether absolute zero trust is practical and realistic.

Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion! Check out the latest video in our series of information security conversations on the CyAN YouTube channel.