Analyzing Trust in Secure Messenger Apps

CyAN board member Dr. Greg Dzsinich and his team at EM Lyon Business School in France investigate the security of several popular instant messaging apps

Any user of online messaging services should be concerned about not only the security of their information in transit, but the trustworthiness of the entire messaging platform – underlying cryptosystem and key management, data storage, metadata, and more.

Unfortunately, a large segment of the orld’s population is still not sufficiently aware of the value of their personal data and privacy, nor of the potential risks from disclosure of sensitive information whose confidentiality online they often take for granted. Meanwhile, in large parts of the world, users rely on platforms like Signal, Threema, iMessage, Whatsapp, Google Messages, Telegram, and many others for anything from wishing family members a happy birthday, to coordinating revolts against oppressive governments, and everything in between.

Check out this intriguing research project, as part of Emlyon’s MSc in Cybersecurity and Defense Management program, which explores underlying philosophies, architectures, and trust models of a collection of commonly used secure chat platforms.