Interview with Jean-Christophe Le Toquin about Privacy Vs Security

“The problem is that if we really implement these technologies to the full extent, and they should be if you want to protect children from being abused in private communications, then there is no limit to the technology, and our homes will be turned into glass houses, and this is not something we want to do.”

On Monday, CyAN Comms Chief John Salomon sat down with CyAN Co-founder and long-serving President Jean-Christophe (J-C) Le Toquin to discuss the history, context, and current considerations of the privacy vs security debate.

How should society, legislators, and law enforcement balance the right to privacy with the need for effective investigations? How can we give law enforcement and intelligence agencies the means for effectively tracking various types of miscreants, including child abusers, terrorists, and miscellaneous other cybercriminals, without violating citizens’ ability to protect their communications, including from potentially abusive governments?

Indeed, Jean-Christophe is uniquely positioned to add nuance to this tinderbox discourse. He is a veteran advisor in the fight against cybercrime and online child abuse, the President of INHOPE, a global network of hotlines for combatting Child Sexual Abuse Materials (CSAM), and the Coordinator of Encryption Europe, a Luxembourg-based industry alliance of European encryption SMEs.

Watch the video below to discover what these two experts have to say as they apply their decades of experience to a topic as relevant now as it was when it began.

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