Congratulations to the winners of the CSG Awards 2024

The Cybersecurity Advisors Network (CyAN) congratulates all the winning CISO’s for the Top 50 CSG Awards 2024 organized by Enterprise IT World MEA on April 24, 2024.

The CSG Awards, which was held as part of the extended event of GISEC 2024, was an initiative to recognize the top cybersecurity leaders and CISOs who have worked hard to immune their organizations from cyberattacks. These leaders, cut across various different industry verticals ranging from BFSI – to Oil & Gas – Telecom – Hospitality – Government and Law enforcement, among others.  They were evaluated using various different parameters, including innovations – cyber threat business resilience – supply chain trust – AI among others. The jury members (Mr Bharat Raigangar, Mr Arun Tewary, Mr Illyas & Prof. Mathew N), selected these Top 50 from a sizeable nomination received.

This initiative, supported by “CyAN” Middle East representative, Bharat Raigangar, offered an excellent networking & knowledge opportunity for the global CISOs who attended not only from GCC region and from the other parts of the world also.

Congratulations to all the winners !!!!