New Video/Podcasts – The State of (Cyber) War

Join James Briscoe and John Salomon for our new conversation series on “cyber warfare” and all it entails.

In our new playlist, part of CyAN’s Secure-in-Mind media series, we address many of the challenging and fascinating issues surrounding disinformation, national and regional cyberdefence policy, threat actors, and more. We’ll discuss current and historical events, trends, technologies, and future predictions, and bring in some fascinating guests to tackle what’s in the news about what states and their national defence agencies are up to, and how it affects our society.

While both John and James have academic backgrounds and work experience in many of these topics, they are far from experts. Rather, this channel is an effort by reasonably informed cybersecurity professionals to dissect and understand some of today’s most pressing international topics around online conflict and all that it involves.

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