Article Publication – “Protecting Responsible Cybersecurity Vulnerability Research”

CyAN is pleased to announce that two of our colleagues, board member Nick Kelly and CyAN comms chief John Salomon, have just published an article outlining the history, challenges, and opportunities around legal protections for ethical cybersecurity vulnerability researchers and responsible coordinated vulnerability disclosure.

The article is published in Volume 9 Issue 1 of the European Cybersecurity Journal, accessible directly here:

CyAN supports the mission of the Good Faith Cybersecurity Researchers Coalition (GFCRC), to encourage legal reforms in line with the recommendations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Working Party on Security and Privacy in the Digital Economy.

Ensuring reliable, timely access to emerging cybersecurity vulnerabilities before bad actors can exploit them benefits everyone. We encourage any interested parties in industry, academia, and non-governmental organisations to consider joining and supporting the GFCRC at

The ECJ is a publication of the Kosciusko Institute.