CyAN Announces Mentorship Programme

The Cybersecurity Advisors Network (CyAN) is piloting its cybersecurity mentorship programme.

We will select 5 motivated students at university (undergraduate through postdoctoral) to connect with a CyAN member, to help them get started in their information security career.

Any academics with a field of study in cybersecurity-related technology, risk management, resilience and business continuity, security policy, governance, compliance, and others are encouraged to apply.

Mentors are CyAN members – highly experienced, well networked professionals with a long history in the information security industry, who are seeking to “give back” by supporting new talent.

Candidates will be selected by their respective mentors from the applicant pool. During the 3 month programme, candidates are expected to

  • hold regular calls (at least fortnightly) calls with their mentor
  • display an active interest in a career in the industry
  • exhibit a healthy curiosity, and willingness to ask questions related to their mentor’s area(s) of expertise
  • reach out to any professional contacts introduce by their mentor
  • provide feedback on how we can improve this programme in future iterations – this is a pilot!

Upon successful completion of the programme, candidates will be asked to present their academic work in some form, whether via our YouTube channel, a blog post / article, or other presentation to the CyAN membership.

They will also receive free of charge CyAN membership for one year, or until the end of their studies, whichever is longer.

Please contact John Salomon or James Briscoe on LinkedIn, or via our web contact form by April 21 if you wish to apply.